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My Life is a Mess.

I need to dust off my LJ because I have stuff to say. And I have good friends to vent too but it's wrong to just.... dump everything on them. So here goes.

I'm back LJ. It's been a long time! =) 10 years!!! I can't believe it's that old.

The title is true. My life is terribly stagnant. The Furry Fiesta convention was the only fun thing I've had in a while. It's stagnant and inconsistent. My job, the same coffee one has officially run me to my core. The hours are terribly inconsistent; I find myself working routinely 60-65 hours a week and I get paid salary and a pretty low one at that, considering the pain I go through. I'm not far and above what I used to make managing a fast food joint, like I used to do.

So nuts to that. Time to move on. I just work long hours, go home and fiddle online, and sleep. I hardly have time for friends, meets, and I have to leave on a short moment's notice at times... so that limits what I do. Sometimes work saps me of my energy that when I do have the chance to go, I have no desire to. My confidence and such has been lacking, as well.

But not anymore! I'm over it. I'm ready for a complete change. And it isn't one of those weak resolutions that will be forgotten soon. this is real.

It has to be before I completely crumble.

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