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A Week with the Raccoon

Work is hell as usual. Life too.
I've been in debt for the past 3 months but in a couple weeks I make my last payment! Squee!

Last week, Dev came and visited me in Dallas. I did see him every day and I hope I made a good time. Occasional squabble but nothing major. Highlights? We ate a lot of food. The most notable being the "sacrilegious" vegan restaurant (mainly due that all the entrees has celestial/hindu/christian titled eats such as having your food "Allah carte"). We also went to the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth. Good pics.


Lookit the Koi Fish!

Last, we saw the Scott Pilgrim movie with our friend Houndu. The one movie that hardly everyone wouldn't shut up about. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't enjoyable because it was. But something about it also annoyed me very slightly. It was pretty loud. But overall more good than bad. While I was there, I ran into an old friend from high school xD What weird timing! Mainly because it was on a Sunday showing, in the evening, and at a Studio Movie Grill in Plano. Weeeeeeeeeeeiirrd.. That guy is married and stuff. I remember when he was a geeky little shrimp. Man times change.

I got nothing else. I did go to the hookah bar in Arlington today with Snowy and his friend and it's alright. I need to find a good place, however. The one in Arlington has frequent problems and borderline lousy service. The Richardson one is alright but too far for Snowy to drive and I am unsure if any furs would want to do it with me. And Denton... a little bit of a drive. But I can't do it at home.

Sigh. Life is pretty okay. Could be better, still. I have more improving to do.

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